Pizza, Workouts, Booze: The Balancing Act Called Life of a Food & Fitness Writer

My name is Lauren and I’m addicted to pizza.¬†

It takes 22-minutes of cycling to burn off the calories from one slice of pizza. And who can eat just one slice of pizza? Not me, surely.

A little over three years ago I quit my desk job and began freelancing on my own. It was exhilarating and if you hate your job now I recommend it. One of my first clients was a well-known food publication that deals in all-things greasy and cheesy. With this new job came restaurant events, meetings with chefs and the obligation to eats lots and lots of food. You name it, I’ve tasted it.


Soon weeknight events would replace my dates with the gym. No big deal. After all, it’s my job… Right? No, wrong. It got to the point where I went from working out five days a week to one, maybe. And where I did workout it pretty much went like this:

At this same time I started writing for fitness publications. I’ve kind of branded myself as a fitness and health writer at this point, so I felt like I was living a lie; giving advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle while finishing off a bottle of wine and going-in for seconds on cheese and oil-coated bruschetta. I’m supposed to be dairy free, remember?

I felt like a fake. I felt fat. And I even felt sick. I was eating all of the things that I’d once given up. I went a whole year going mostly dairy free and I felt great during that time. Then I started eating dairy products almost daily. Same with alcohol. My regular ¬†occasional drink once per week turned into a bottle of wine, every night, or a few beers, because it was “just a few” or because I was trying something “new” to write about it. Did I write about it? Probably not. I was making excuses for my bad health choices. Until one day I woke up.

Today I still write about food. And I write about fitness, too. I signed up for another half since I’ve taken a sort of hiatus from running events to get back into shape. I started slow, making healthier choices because it’s impossible to quit food all at once. I figured out that there is a balance between food writing and fitness writing and that you don’t always have to say “yes” just because it’s your job. So, do I want that second slice of pizza? You bet your ass I do. I’ll just do 44-minutes of cycling tomorrow.

The Olympic Pizza is Love - Imgur.gif

Main image via Flickr/rob_rob2001


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