‘Miles Down, Bottoms Up!’ at the Phoenix Craft Classic

There’s beer? Sign me up! 

Adidas Running and Road Runner Sports are presenting a fall race, called the Phoenix Craft Classic, a “Hoppy Half Marathon” and “5Keg.” The race takes place in Atlanta, San Diego and Phoenix, and this year the Phoenix race is happening on October 16. Taking place in Fountain Hills, Arizona, the half marathon and 5K distance races are followed up by an “epic craft brew after-party” with suds provided by, my favorite local brewery, Huss Brewing.

So, the bling for this race is pretty awesome—it’s a beer tap. When I saw it, I knew I had to add it to my medal collection. I couldn’t pass up registering for this race.


So, since this is basically the end of registration, prices are as high as they are going to get. The half fee is currently $100 and will go up to $105 on October 1. The 5K fee is $50 and will go up by five bucks in October.

This tidbit from the race website really stood out to me:

“Top male and female Half Marathon finishers will WIN THEIR WEIGHT IN BEER!”

Additionally, the overall top finishers will receive special awards and so will the top finishers in each age group—win!


You can register for the Phoenix Craft Classic here. For a discount follow Runner Blogger AZ on Twitter.

Images via Road Runner Sports Craft Classic Races Facebook.


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