Nuun Year Dash 2016

3… 2… 1…

Happy New Year!

While 2016 is less than a month a way, it’s time to start thinking about your fitness goals for next year. Nuun Hydration and FitFam are making it a little bit easier.

Kick off your New Year with the Nuun Year Dash, a virtual run that can be ran anywhere, from your favorite trail or even the treadmill if it’s too cold outside. The virtual race takes place between February 5 to February 8. After you’ve completed your run, upload your race results and you could win some super cool swag.

Registration to the 5K/10K run is now open to all athletes across the U.S. All proceeds go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a charity organization that benefits paraplegic and disabled athletes across America. Plus, you get a super soft tee and a medal—win!

Follow Nuun on Twitter @nuunhydration

Check out all of the Nuun athletes here.



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