My Week at Reformed: A Review

Continuing week three of “beat the plateau,” I signed up for seven days at Reformed Pilates & Spin.

The studio is only a five minute drive from where I live, which makes it even better. Reformed offers a one-week free pass for all new clients, so you know I was all over that. I’m all about free fitness. I’ve done a little pilates, but I’m still a newbie when it comes to these types of workouts. But, I decided to give it a try anyway. Here’s how it went.

Day One: Countless studies and research has shown that more people work out on Mondays than any other day of the week. Monday signifies a new beginning and a time for a fresh start. What better day to kick off my week at Reformed Pilates & Spin than on the first day of the week? I signed up for a 9am “Reform” class to get an early start. The studio was clean and fresh, and it looked fairly new. There were only three other people in the class. I usually like to take classes that fill up because the vibe is much stronger, but I didn’t mind. The instructor, Ariel, showed me how to use the reformer. This was my first time on one so I had to learn the ropes, but five minutes in I had my confidence on the machine. About 20 minutes into the workout I was kinda skeptical if I was getting the type of burn I wanted. But, right after I was questioning the intensity of the workout we moved into standing skater lunge/squats. The burn was so good. The workout was 50 minutes, including a cool down and it was all instructor led.


Day Two: My class was at 4:30 and by the time I got to the studio I was a little groggy from the day. I’ve been working out in the morning lately so it was a little different for me. There were about the same number of women in the class as day one and the same instructor was leading the session. The moves were similar to day one but there was more cardio, mountain climbers and squats, that we didn’t do on Monday. I left feeling good and glad I got a workout in. But today I was fatigued and just looking forward to my next workout.

Day Three: I visited the studio early today for a 9am “Reform & Ride” class which is 25 minutes on the reformer focusing on the upper body and 30 minutes of spin. By today I was familiar with all of the moves that we were doing on the reformer and I added resistance for a challenge. Go me! I was excited to get on the spin bike to see if it’s anything like some of the other amazing classes I’ve taken. I wasn’t wowed, but it was still a good workout. I like to feel the energy of everyone around me and it’s hard to do with like 20 empty spin bikes in the room.

Day Four: A little bit of work on the reformer a little bit of spin, Reform & Ride got my heart rate up today. It was a small class, the smallest so far. And, when we transitioned into the spin studio, the other woman taking the class left early. So it was just me and the instructor. I guess it counts as a personal session, right? The instructor, Caitlin was really friendly and probably the most enthusiastic spin instructor I took a class with.

Day Five: Today I took a 50 minute Reform class with Tyler. He kicked everyones ass. We started off with planking, which was the first time we started with core work so far. Overall it was a good class.

Day Six: REST DAY!

Day Seven: At it again today. I took the Reform & Ride class with Leah. Surprisingly my core feels much stronger than it did on day one and I’m much more confident in holding my planks. There’s been a lot of planking recently. One thing I like about this studio, is that if you’re doing something wrong, the instructor will tell you to correct it.

Day Eight: I made it to the end of the week! I had a workout scheduled for this morning so I didn’t think I would have it in me to do 50 minutes on the reformer so I took the 30 Minute Ride class instead with Caitlin. There were three other women in the class with me plus an instructor taking the class. I think this studio has a ton of potential, they just don’t have a big following yet.

One single Reform classes are $25 a pop and the Ride classes are $10. Remember you get one free week of unlimited workouts if you’re new to Reformed Pilates.


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