So, what is it? I decided to give Orangetheory a try.

This month I’ve gone all out trying new workouts. From TABATA, outdoor group workouts (s/o November Project Phoenix), pilates, a muscle class at the local gym, hot yoga and I’ve even worked with a personal trainer. Why? I’ve hit a plateau. And it sucks. And I’m trying to climb out of my workout slump. So, I decided to give Orangetheory Fitness a try.

I was told to arrive 15 minutes. I thought they might do a BMI analysis or go over goals in depth. Nope, just filled out a paper form. OK cool no problem. We discussed my workout habits and goals for about 15 seconds then I had to watch an instructional video about what to expect from your first Orangetheory workout. Simple enough. I was the only person, besides the two girls working there, at the gym. About 10 minutes later people started to come in and the staff turned the music on.

Half of the class, which was about 25 people, began on the treadmills, the other half started with weights. I started on the treadmill with a warm up walk. OTF has three zones, base pace, push pace and all out. I like the idea of intervals. But I don’t feel like it was challenging enough. I might have been holding back, since it was my first class and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was not pushed to my max. Not even close. Despite already being exhausted from my doubles workouts for the past week.

They gave my a heart rate monitor to wear under my shirt. The monitors are used to track your HR throughout the entire workout, which is cool. But it’s also distracting.

After about 12 minutes of intervals on the treadmills the groups switched and I moved over to weights. The intensity of the people in the class wasn’t very high. Some were walking, not running, and others were skipping sets or resting. But, who am I to judge? I just like it when the entire space is feeling the vibe. To me, it’s better that way.

After three sets of 20 kettle bell swings, five sets of pushups/squat jumps and 12 hip raises with weights the workout was finished and I moved back to the treadmill for more intervals.

This time we did more running (or jogging) in push pace. But, like I said, I didn’t reach my limits.

Back to the weights were I did three sets of 16 alternative backward lunges with weights, Bosu ball ab work and 12 reps of squats and box hops. I was keeping pace with the woman next to me, who I should note looks like a runner. She was the most intense person in the class. You go girl!

And then, class was over. A few minutes of stretching and a quick chat about the board results and it was done. I spent 42 minutes in the green zone and just seven minutes in the orange zone. Zero in the red. And just a few in the white and blue zones. They say you should spend about 20 in orange and 20 in green. My heart rate tracker could have been off. I talked with the trainer about my low heart rate, my resting HR is in the low 50s, so my numbers could have been skewed a little. But, having an insight into the heart rate was a perk of the workout.

Overall feelings about OTF? Save the $25 per class fee and use it on something else. I don’t feel like this workout offered anything that I couldn’t achieve on my own at my current gym.

Experience OTF for yourself and try the workout for free.


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