I Found Phoenix’s Secret Workout Community

It’s dark outside, nearly 60-degress. It’s quiet, but there’s a string of cars lined up on McDowell Road. The moon is still up, there’s a few stars in the sky and the city is illuminated by an early morning haze. Dots of light begin to appear on my left, headlamps worn by the brave souls who decided to wake up and workout before breakfast.

You might have figured it out already, but I’m talking about November Project and their 6 a.m. Wednesday workouts at the Papago Park Amphitheater.

This week marked my first experience. And within the first five minutes (they had me when we all started cheering f*** yeah) I knew I would be back.

On this day we all put our phone numbers into a bucket. I would guess that there were about 50 people there. At first, I was thinking either this was really creepy or a good marketing tactic. Anyway, turns out, each number in the line of phone numbers was assigned a cone. The cones, which were placed up along the stairs, had a workout listed, burpees, lunges, push ups, suicides, crunches, bicycles and on and on.

The dedicated were asked to run through the number on the piece of paper twice. And nobody seemed to think it was a big deal. Except for me. I summed up the hill and all of those stairs and got after it.

About 45 minutes later we were wrapping things up and gathering in all together to celebrate birthdays, recent races and give shoutouts to those who crushed their workout.

There was blood, music, dirt, cheers, sweat and high fives. It was amazing. And I can’t wait to go back next week. Did I mention it was free? No cost. Nada. #JustShowUp



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