How to Reset After A Not-So-Healthy Weekend

The holiday weekend just wrapped up and if you’re anything like me, you’re regretting everything you put into your mouth. I recently posted about living a balanced lifestyle, but sometimes you just can’t help but feel guilty about your bad decisions when it comes to your diet.

Pizza, burgers, beer and ice cream made up my weekend menu. And sure, it tasted good at the time, but now I’m kicking myself for indulging. In my defense I did drink down a smoothie from Whole Foods (with a bag of cookies) and a protein shake after a spin workout. But for the most part the weekend was filled with delicious and bad food-related decisions. Like all good things, the weekend has come to an end and I’m looking forward to reseting and getting back to normal life.

Sign Up for a Class

Breaking your routine of unhealthiness can be hard and it’s not easy to find the motivation to get back in the swing of your gym habit. Instead of dragging your feet to the treadmill or doing half-hearted sets at the weight rack, take a class! By signing up for a class there’s a couple things that will keep you accountable. First, you’re paying for your sweat session. If you skip out, you’re losing money. And two, when you’re taking a class, your training is in your instructor’s hands, which is great because there’s no room for excuses.

24 Hours of Clean Eating

Start your day of clean eating off right with a big glass of water. Instead of a carb-heavy breakfast, opt for green juice or hot water with lemon. Lemon water can balance out your body’s pH levels and it also helps aid in digestion. Kick out the sugary stuff and instead of sipping on a sugar-filled latte, reach for green tea. For lunch, go green with a leafy green salad, but be sure to avoid adding creamy dressings. For a creamy substitution, add avocado to your salad. Snack healthily with fruit and nuts throughout the day to satisfy your hunger. Finish the day with a light dinner and continue to sip on water, not wine or your favorite libation, until you go to bed.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If you spent the weekend taking shots and downing tall boys, you’re likely feeling the side effects of dehydration. Liquor acts as a diuretic which causes you to lose more liquid than you consume while drinking. The health experts from LiveStrong recommend drinking 12 glasses of water over a 12-hour period after a night of drinking. Adding electrolytes to your water can help, too. Instead of reaching for sugary sports drink, just add Nuun tabs to your water. They have zero sugar and come in a ton of different flavors. If your stomach is upset, sipping ginger ale can help to ease it because of its carbonated bubbles.

Photo credit: Flickr/Andreas Kambanis 


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