Why I Run

There tons of reasons to run. Whatever they may be, if they are personal or if it’s because you want to make a change to your body, lose weight or get stronger, there’s no bad reason.

More people should run—have you seen Mizuno’s If Everybody Ran Campaign? It will change your life! Anyway, my reasons are personal and health related.

Once I started running I found that I was all of a sudden less-stressed out. Amazing! It’s like seeing a shrink, but not, you know? And, when I’m running I find that I plan things out. As a writer, my mind starts putting together articles and running through to-dos when I’m on the treadmill.

On the other hand, running even clears my mind, that’s if I’m open to it. It’s peaceful, there’s no better way to achieve solitude than on the trail with nothing but your running shoes. I also run to stay in shape and to maintain my weight. But that’s a very small part of it.

I run because it connects my with my boyfriend. Despite his reluctance, even hatred for running, he goes with me. And once he starts, I secretly know he loves it. It creates a bond between us that I think all couples should experience at least once. We crossed the finish line of our last half hand-in-hand, it was such a great feeling. Why do I run? Because one day I want to be a good example to my kids. I run because I’m a coach and I have to keep up my girls. I run because I want to stay fit so that I can hike, kayak and rock climb.

I run, because when I’m angry or upset there’s nothing else I’d rather do. I run because when I’m happy it sounds like the best idea, ever! When I’m feeling sad, I run. When I don’t want to workout, and I get my running shoes on and log a few miles, my day gets better. I run because I love being sweaty. I run because I thrive on the soreness from running hills. I run because I’m competitive. I run to beat myself. I run to push myself. I run because I can.


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