What It’s Like to Run in Arizona During the Summer

Arizona is a beautiful place. But, during the summer (March to November) temps rise above 115 degrees, making running outside nearly unbearable. If you’re a Zonie runner, you’ve got to log some miles outside during these sweltering, hell-like months.

Here’s the pros and cons of running in Arizona during the hot, hot heat.

Pro: You can get a glowing, sun-kissed tan.

Con: You might get a really bad sunburn instead.

Pro: You drink more Nuun.

Con: You have to buy more Nuun.

Pro: There’s no weekend morning race traffic, road closures and the like.

Con: There’s no races in The Valley during the summer.

Pro: The trails and running paths are empty.

Con: The paths are empty, meaning nobody will find you if you pass out from the heat.

Pro: Waking up for morning runs when it’s only 90 degrees, not 115, will help you get your day started off right.

Con: You’re not a morning person.


Pro: Long sleeve tops, leggings and lightweight running jackets are all on sale.

Con: You’ll never wear. Because, Arizona.

Pro: It’s a dry heat.

Con: It’s still heat. And it sucks.


Image via Emily T. Starr/Flickr


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