Race Recap: Nuun’s Run, Ride, Hydrate

This July, Nuun, in a partnership with Gametiime, hosted their inaugural virtual race exclusively for Nuun Athletes. As a member of Team Nuun I had the chance to participate in the virtual run. The race, called Run Ride Hydrate, benefits the nonprofit Girls On The Run, a foundation that encourages young girls to pursue their dreams by living healthy and staying active.

I first heard about Girls On The Run when I was in college and I fell in love with the message they promote. It was so great to be able to participate in an event that supports the nonprofit. Through race registrations, Nuun raised over $500 for Girls On The Run. Go Team Nuun!

I loved the flexibility of this race. The virtual run took place between July 2 through July 5. It was nice to be able to complete the virtual run on my time, especially with the holiday weekend—I’ll get to that later. Big props for that, Nuun. I’ve never ran a virtual race before, so I was a little skeptical, but I’m happy that I did it. Before you signed up you could choose to bike, or run the distance of your choice, from a 5k to a 10k run or a 15 mile ride. I chose to run the 10k. It’s my favorite distance because it’s challenging but it’s also doable.

A day or two before the start date I received my swag kit, which included a super cool Nuun medal and Nuun tee—love them! Samples, tattoos and a sticker with the race logo were also included in the swag.

So, like I said, I loved the flexibility of this race. I did not love running on the treadmill, tho. I had last minute plans for the holiday weekend so I had to run the 6.20 miles inside. I would have much rather ran outdoors, but this is Arizona. Despite feeling like total crap on the treadmill after mile two I kept on pushing. I don’t usually run more than four miles indoors, so this was new to me. But, I did beat my old 10k PR by four minutes! Go me!

Like many virtual races, social media played a big part. Nuun encouraged runners and cyclists to write down what inspires them to run on the back of the race bib. It was so great to see the reasons why people run. You can see everything by following along with the hashtag #RunRideHydrate. Nuun also encouraged runners to participate in contests relating to the event and awarded runners for best times, first completed, best photo and more, which made the experience more spirited and fun.

Hoping that this inaugural race will lead to virtual races in the future. Have you ever ran a virtual race? Share your experience in the comments section below.


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