Why Do Treadmills Want to Know Your Weight?

You step on the mill, plug in your headphones and look at the screen. Your treadmill prompts you to select your workout. So, you select a workout and then your treadmill asks for your weight.


Why do treadmills want to know your weight? It’s actually a pretty simple answer.

Treadmills ask for a runner’s weight to determine how many calories they will burn during their workout on the mill. Entering your weight helps provide a more accurate “guesstimation” of how many calories will be burned. Even if you do enter your weight correctly, and you don’t subtract a few pounds, there is still room for error. In most cases, the number of calories burned is an over estimate of how many calories you actually burned. Treadmills also calculate calories by using the data that you entered like your heart rate, the speed, time, distance and the elevation. But again, the number you see on the screen can be wrong.

The treadmill isn’t trying to offend you, it just wants to help calculate the calories you burn during your workout.

For a more accurate look at the amount of calories you burn during a workout use the Health Status calorie burn calculator.

Want to avoid it all together, select quick start and don’t worry about the calories. Enjoy your workout!

Photo courtesy of Military Health/Flickr


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