What to Wear When You Hit the Pavement

Between the departure of winter and the arrival of spring, choosing which outfit to wear on your outdoor run can prove troublesome.

Here in AZ shorts and tanks are always a good option, but for runners in other areas of the county where snow meets sidewalk and freezing rain douses the trail, being prepared for unexpected conditions and choosing the right gear can be tricky.

Runner’s World created this unique tool to help runners select which clothing style is best by entering details such as temperature, time of day, conditions and intensity into the calculator.

Here’s the link via Runner’s World: What to Wear

After putting in my information (above), the tool provided me with suggestions on what type of clothing is best suited for my run.

Cold Winter Weather Gear

In Arizona I don’t really have to worry about braving freezing temperatures, maybe a light rain at most, but for the thousands of runners hitting the pavement in cold weather zones there’s a couple cold weather running tips you should follow. When it comes to running gear dress in layers and wear a beatable wicking bra, socks and tank. Layer up with a wool or polyester shirt. Wear compression tights that are made for cold weather temps, many different brands make tights and leggings customized for training in cold weather. Gloves and hats are a must-have and water resistant shoes and winter traction straps can also come in handy. And, even tho it’s freezing cold outside, take care of your skin with sunscreen and use chapstick before you head outside.

Warm Winter Weather Gear

Phoenix, Arizona has 299 sunny days each year. Running in AZ is awesome to say the least. But Arizona still has a winter season (November – March). Although it’s not as harsh as the winter’s in the East or the Midwest, Arizona runners should still dress appropriately for the winter weather because shorts and tanks aren’t always the best gear choice. For chilly days, dress in layers with a moisture wicking top and a lightweight windbreaker or jacket with vents to keep you comfortable and dry. Running tights or fast-drying pants are your best bed. Hats and beanies aren’t always necessary, but keep your ears warm with a headband made of wool or wicking material. As always, sunscreen and chapstick are must-haves, especially in Arizona.

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