My Race Day Essentials

Tomorrow is the Phoenix Marathon and I’m getting ready to hit the starting line. I haven’t picked out an outfit yet because there’s a possibility it might rain. Boo! But, I know what shoes I’m wearing and there are a couple of things I never run without. These are my race day essentials:

1. Nuun: Earlier this year I was selected to be a “Nuunbassador” for Nuun Hydration. I started using the hydration tabs during my training for the Lake Powell Half Marathon (my first ever half) and I loved it! I’ve tried about seven flavors but I have to say my favorite is Nuun Active Tropical it’s so yummy. Nuun also has tabs for everyday use and energy boosts; it’s a versatile supplement that can work with any type of activity level or training program. All of the Nuun products help athletes stay hydrated–and there’s no sugars.

2. Glide: Okay, this little  guy is amazing. Without getting into too much detail, glide helps you run faster without any annoying chafing or discomfort. It lasts for about four to five hours and I use Body Glide between my thighs for my long runs; it goes on invisible and I don’t have to worry about skin rubbing because it stops the problem before it starts. When I’m on mile 11 the last thing I want to be thinking about is chafing.

3. Degree Clinical Protection: I hate deodorant. Actually, I hate a lot of feminine hygiene products. They’re marketed to make you feel “pretty” but most of the time they don’t work. I recently switched to Degree Clinical Protection because the last product I was using on my underarms was not working at all. This product has prescription strength wetness protection, it moisturizes my skin and it keeps me from smelling like I haven’t showered in two days. I like it because it also goes on clear despite being white and it’s not sticky.

4. A Good Sports Bra: Never underestimate the power of a good bra. During a race I wear bra styles that offer me the most compression and have comfortable Dri-Fit fabric like Nike bras. If you think you might be wearing the wrong size bra, check out this blog post.


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