Running Routes for AZ Runners

I found this awesome resource and I just had to share.

I’ve been running the canal since I moved into my new place in uptown Phoenix but there were some sections of the canal where I had no idea where it would take me. A lot of the canal areas were poorly lit or in not-so-nice neighborhoods, so I did some Googling and I found the AZ Canal Mileage Calculator on

Here’s the link:

Arizona Canal Mileage Calculator

I had no idea how long the canal was (Peoria far beyond Scottsdale). And the mileage calculator tool is pretty cool. My favorite route is 40th Street to Camelback/Scottsdale Road. It’s a nice area and the view of Camelback Mountain is amazing during the morning hours. This route is just under five miles.

Have you used the Arizona Canal Mileage Calculator? Leave a note in the comments section and share your favorite running route.

Happy running!

Image via Flickr


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