The Power of Positive Self Talk

Since I’ve started running, if I’ve learned anything, it’s the importance of positive self talk.

To be honest, before I started running, I used to hate it. It was never my thing. Running was not fun for me. Not at all. But, since I began training and running consistently I’ve learned the power of positive self talk. So, what is positive self talk? These are the conversations you have with yourself before, during and after your workout. And I believe these talks can truly impact your performance. I’ve learned to stay positive and have a great attitude about my workouts and training. If I’m down on myself it shows. If I don’t talk myself up or have training on my mind, I’m just not that into it. It’s amazing because positive self talk has leaked in to other areas of my life.

Am I a more positive person than I was a year ago? Absolutely.

Here are the benefits of positive self talk:

You Can Go Farther

Positive self talk can help to energize you and take your workouts to the next level. By talking positively to yourself during your exercise you’ll be able to go the extra mile–literally. Research published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise concludes that people who use positive self talk while working out could last longer. The research also found that the people who used positive self talk perceived their effort to be lower. Researchers state that even the slightest psychological effort can positively impact endurance.

You’ll Become More Aware

After you start replacing the negative statements with positive phrases and mantras by saying them in your head, writing them down, etc., you’ll be able to see changes. The more you practice positive self talk, the easier it will become.

Your Thoughts Become a Reality

Focus on the thoughts that make you feel good and before you know it all that positive self talk will become a reality. Want to run faster? Think it. Want to set a new PR? Tell yourself you can do it. Choose your mantra and get going. The only thing that’s holding you back is your thinking. Positive self talk can truly change your life, inside and outside of the gym.

What are some of your positive mantras? Leave them in the comments section to inspire others!


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