The Best Foods to Eat before a Workout

I feel and perform my best when I eat two hours before my workouts. What you eat before you workout shouldn’t make you feel full or fatigued, but it’s still important to have a little something to eat before your next workout.

According to Daily Burn, exercising on an empty stomach can lead to muscle tissue breakdown and without food to fuel your workout muscle tissues are transformed into glucose, which isn’t ideal for losing weight or building muscle.

If you need a little energy boost before you hit the gym, try some of these pre-workout foods:


Did you know that potassium levels drop when you sweat? Maintain nerve and muscle function by fueling up with potassium-packed bananas before your workout. This fruit is especially beneficial for morning exercisers, as your body needs the proteins. and carbohydrates. Endurance athletes will benefit from eating bananas and other high-carb foods before workouts. Eat a banana about an hour before your workout. This food also makes a great post-workout snack.

Almond Butter & Apples

For a quick and easy carbohydrate pick me up slice up an apple and lightly coat your slices with all-natural almond butter. You can swap the almond butter for peanut butter, but keep in mind all of the healthy benefits almond butter offers like magnesium which benefits the nervous system, iron for healthy oxygen transport and its rich vitamin E content.

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies and shakes are always a good go-to. Typically start my day with a smoothie blended with bananas, berries, a little almond milk and scoop of protein powder. For morning workouts blend up a banana and pear smoothie. This pre-workout smoothie has nearly a quarter of your daily vitamin C requirements and it’s packed full of immune-boosting fiber.

Brown Rice & Chicken

Throughout the week I meal prep with chicken, veggies and rice and sometimes I set aside small portions of these meals for a pre-workout snack. This combo is easy to prepare in bulk. Use two to four ounces of sliced chicken with an equal portion of brown rice for protein and fiber fuel. Divvy up your portions in resealable containers and you’re good to go.

Dried Fruits

If light snacking is more of your style, have a handful of dried fruits like apricots, dried berries and pineapples. Most natural food stores sell organic variations of this snack in the bulk foods section. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious you can make your own.


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