Hey, I’m on #TeamNuun!

I have exciting news! I’ve been welcomed into the family of team Nuun as a part of their 2015 competitive athlete team.

If you’re not familiar with Nuun hydration products, check out their website here.

I first started using Nuun tabs during my training for my first half. I loved the product, it really worked for me and I started following the brand on social media. Like many other athletic or nutrition brands, Nuun has an amazing online community. I applied to be a “Nuunbassador” because I could see myself advocating for the brand.

Here are a few reasons why I use Nuun:

  • There’s no sugar or carbs in the tablets.
  • Using Nuun is a good way to replenish electrolytes and stay hydrated.
  • The flavors actually taste good.
  • The coloring is all natural.
  • Nuun Supports Susan G. Komen and Team in Training.
  • Nuun products are made in the USA.

Throughout 2015 I will be using and promoting Nuun during my training. I’ve already got a few races on my calendar, including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona 10K on Jan. 18 and in August Kyle and I are summiting Mt. Adams in Washington as part of our training for our trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2016.

2015 is going to be a great year! Happy training!


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