Is Juicing Worth It?

Juicing always sounds like a good idea, but when it comes down to it, it’s messy and it doesn’t yield as much as you think. So, after a series of trial and error and after making some pretty funky combos and learning from my mistakes; I think that I have perfected the art of juicing—sort of.

Here’s my most recent combination: 

  • 10 Gala apples.
  • 6 bags of organic baby carrots.
  • 1 bunch of organic beets.
  • 2 bunches of parsley.
  • 1 bunch of celery.

Store-Bought vs. Homemade

I like to juice at home because most of the store bought juices have so much added sugar, and they’re expensive. If I’m busy I usually pick up Naked Juice, Green Machine. This particular juice has no added sugars. And, I’m lucky enough to live next to a Whole Foods, where a 16-ounce fresh juice costs at least $7 (not including boosts or extra ingredients). I’ve noticed that the pre-made juices are a dollar cheaper, and you can typically find them on the isle end-caps or in the drink section. However, these pre-made juices do not include a lot of ingredients.

Making  fresh juice at home instead of buying it in-store is a great way to avoid overpaying and consuming massive amounts of added sugars. My most recent raw juicing attempt (above) yielded about three liters of fresh juice with a total cost of $21.

Juice Cleanses

I like juicing because it helps me eat more fruits and veggies. I love fresh vegetables and fruits but sometimes I just don’t have the time to prepare them. So for me juicing is a great alternative. Some people use juicing to cleanse or detox, however, most times this does not work. Our bodies need proteins and fibers, and most juice blends lack these nutrients. If we don’t consume these nutrients it’s easier to overeat and actually gain weight. Plus, if you’re also working out you need to be consuming proteins to build up lean  muscle mass. And juicing alone can also slow down your metabolism. So, if you think a cleanse will help you stay fit during the holidays while you indulge in savory sweets, think again. Juice should be an added element to your diet, not an entire meal replacement.

Health Benefits

Juicing has been linked to clearer skin, curing immune disorders, cancers and high-blood pressure, according to PBS. Juicing and drinking raw veggies also helps your digestive system function more efficiently. It takes less energy to consume foods (like juice) in liquid form and when you consume raw fruits and veggies via juicing you’re preserving enzymes contrary to cooked foods with destroyed enzymes that can impede digestion.


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