6 Ways to Stay Safe on Nighttime Runs

The winter season is here and daylight savings has taken an hour of precious daylight away from us runners. I know you’re dedicated to your training, but before you go out on your next evening run, be sure to brush up on these nighttime running safety tips.

Wear Reflective Gear

The key to staying safe during nighttime runs is to stay visible. Wear reflective clothing and shoes so that other runners and drivers can see you on the road.

Keep Your Ponytail Tight

Stay safe by keeping your long hair pulled back, tightly, in a bun or braid. Attackers can quickly grab a handful of your hair during an assault.

Leave the Headphones at Home

If you’re running at night, you’ll need to be on high-alert at all times. Leave your headphones unplugged so that you can hear the traffic and all of your surroundings.

Tell a Friend Where You’re Running

Before you leave for your run let a friend know where you’ll be running. All it takes is a quick text or call. Let your friend know how long you’ll be running for and when you’ll be back. When you’re finished, let them know that you’re OK.

Run in Well-Lit Areas

Choose a route that is well-lit and remember to park in an area that is well-lit as well. Many public parks or tracks at local schools are lit during the evening.

Carry Portable Pepper Spray

Carrying a portable handheld can of pepper spray can keep you safe if you encounter an attacker. If you encounter suspicious activity or think that you are being followed, try to get to a populated area or make a phone call to detour the attacker. Texting 911 can help too. You can send location information and even photos to 911 via text.


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