Every Emotion a Runner Has during a Half Marathon

I recently ran my very first half marathon. It was amazing. Although I had some pre-race jitters and I almost got cold feet the night before, I finished the race, met my goal and had an incredible experience. Here’s my reaction to each mile—as told by GIFs.

Mile 1

Wow, there’s a lot of people here. They’re probably all better than me, faster than me and they probably trained harder than me too. Did you see that mom pushing a stroller? Come on, seriously? A 60-year old woman just passed me. Did you see that guys abs? Why am I here?

Mile 2

It’s such a beautiful day, this is an amazing course. I’m so happy that I’m doing this! 

Mile 3

Look at me go, I’m feeling good!

Mile 4

Trail running? I hope I don’t trip and fall. Whoa, wait … too late. I hope nobody saw that. Who am I kidding, everyone just saw that.

 Mile 5

More trail running. I’m going to be extra-cautious. Feel free to pass me. 

 Mile 6

Ugh, my knees.

Mile 7

I see you hydration station. You’re looking mighty fine today, what’cha got for me. Orange slice? Yep. Energy packets. Got ‘em. And we’re off.

 Mile 8

Need. More. Energy. Packets.

Mile 9

Am I even running? Jogging? Fast-walking? Time to take it slow. I’m so tired.

Mile 10

Ok time to play some “get pumped” music and pick up the pace.

Mile 11

Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s incredible. All of these people are so inspiring.

Mile 12

I can hear the announcer at the finish line but this seems like more than just one mile. I can’t be the only person thinking this. Will it ever end? Who’s playing tricks? Very funny, now where is the finish line?

Mile 13

Are you kidding me! I just ran a half marathon! The sky is so blue. This course is so amazing! Where is my boyfriend? I hope he finished! I’m so thirsty. Look at this shiny medal. Who said bananas? Can someone give me a massage? I need to sit down. I never thought that one person could get so sweaty. I can’t wait to run my next race.

Post Race

I’m done.


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