Check Out This Amazing New ‘Stink-Free’ Gear

Lululemon has been at the forefront of pioneering functional and attractive workout/yoga gear for years and has been a cult favorite (with the exception of a few PR mishaps—we’ll forgive you) of yogis and sweat-enthusiasts everywhere.  Recently, the athletic apparel giant has released a new line of “stink-free” gear for men and women in partnership with X-STATIC. The new line features Silverescent, a blend of 99 percent pure silver woven into every fiber of the garment. Here’s why this new line is so amazing.

It’s Science!

When we sweat, bacteria is literally reproducing on our bodies and on our clothing—it’s called biofilm. Our sweat doesn’t stink, it’s the bacteria. Silver can stop stink causing bacteria with the release of positive ions which are attracted to the bacteria’s negative ions. When the two mesh, the stink is eliminated. Bye, bye bacteria.

It Will Never Wash Out

Pure silver is woven into the nylon yarn of the workout gear. This technology will never stop working and will not wash out of the garment—no matter how many washes or workouts.

It Out Performs Other Materials

This innovative new wicking, anti-stink garment out performs cotton, which dries slowly and holds in sweat, and hydrophobic polyester that doesn’t absorb moisture.

It’s Available for Everyone

The Silverescent line is available for both men and women at Lululemon and has been incorporated into the cycling, yoga and running products. Prices start at $48.

Image courtesy of lululemon/Facebook


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