12 Reasons Why Kale is Amazing

Not eating kale? Consider adding this leafy green (or sometimes purple) power food to your diet after reading these 12 healthy reasons.

1. Kale has zero fat.

2. It’s high in iron.

3. Kale is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids that help protect against cancer.

4. It tastes great in smoothies.

5. Eating kale can help lower cholesterol.

6. It’s packed with Vitamin A, C and K.

7. It’s great for detoxing. Kale is filled with sulfur and fiber—great for keeping your liver healthy.

8. It aids in digestion.

9. Kale is easy to grow on a farm or in a window box at home.

10. It keeps you protected from damaging free radicals.

11. Kale contains 45 flavonoids.

12. This vegetable has it’s own designated day. National Kale Day is October 2.


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